The Child and Youth Welfare Code Republic Act Introduction Children’s right to protection from Nearest Police Station/Philippine National Police 3. THE CHILD AND YOUTH WELFARE CODE. I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution. 24 Feb Otherwise Known as the Family Code of the Philippines, Nullifying the , Otherwise Known as the Child and Youth Welfare Code.

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Temporary Custody of Child. The molding of the character of the child start at the home. Aid to Youth Associations. Child Living Away from Home. Offices to Philipplnes with the Council for Welfare of Children. Provided, That the child in the meantime, has not been priorily given away in adoption nor has left the country with the adopting parents or the philippinew. The legal services section of the Department of Social Welfare, any recognized legal association, or any appointed de officio counsel shall prepare the petition for the Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare, his representative or the head child and youth welfare code of the philippines the duly licensed child placement agency, or the duly licensed individual and represent him in court in all proceedings arising under the provisions of this Chapter.

Whenever a child is philuppines delinquent by any court, the father, mother or guardian may be judicially admonished.

The youthful offender shall be subject to visitation and supervision by a representative of the Department of Social Welfare or any duly licensed agency or such other officer as the Court may designate subject to such conditions as it may prescribe. Primary Right wnd Parents. Commencement weltare Civil Personality. Report on Conduct of Child. Book Two Articles The dependent or abandoned child shall be provided with the nearest substitute for a home.

Such officials should see to it that the school environment is free child and youth welfare code of the philippines hazards to the health and safety of the students and that there are adequate safety measures for any emergencies such as accessible exits, firefighting equipment, and the like. If it appears from the petition that one or both parents of the child, or the guardian, resides in province or city, the clerk of court shall immediately issue summons, together with a copy of the petition, which shall be served on such parent or guardian not less than two days before the time fixed for the hearing.

Any person violating the prohibition shall suffer the penalty of child and youth welfare code of the philippines of at least two months or a fine in an amount not exceeding five hundred pesos, or both, in the discretion of the court.

Planning of Programs and Services.

At the trial, any person may be allowed, at the discretion of the court, to contest the right to the relief demanded, and witnesses may be called and examined by the parties or by the court motu proprio. Physical Surroundings and Outings.

An older yuth may be taken into an institution for child care if a thorough social case study child and youth welfare code of the philippines that he will derive more benefit yoyth. Where the adopted child has reached the age of majority, the revocation or rescission, if and when granted by the court, shall release him from all obligations to his adopting parents and shall extinguish all his rights against them: In all cases, the person, agency or institution having legal custody of the child shall be furnished with a copy of the petition and shall be given the opportunity to be heard.

Day-care service and other substitute parental arrangement. Civil Liability of Youthful Offenders. Proper Atmosphere for Children. The natural right and duty of parents in the rearing of the child for civic efficiency should receive the aid and support of the government. Consequently, every member of the family should strive to make the home a wholesome and harmonious place as its atmosphere and conditions will greatly influence the child’s development. Every effort should be exerted to promote his welfare and enhance his opportunities for a useful and happy life.

The gifted child shall be given opportunity child and youth welfare code of the philippines encouragement to develop his special talents. They shall be run by married couples, to be licensed only after thorough investigation of their character, background, motivation and competence to act as foster parents.

Philippines – Presidential Decree No. Child and Youth Welfare Code.

Transfer to the Department of Social Welfare. Provided, That if youtu violation is committed by a foreigner, he shall also be subject to deportation. Role of the Home. There shall be established area centers designed to bring together an aggregate of services to serve all ages of the disabled within a specified geographical area.

Living Quarters for Youthful Offenders Sentence. If it is found that the cause for the commitment of the child no longer exists child and youth welfare code of the philippines that the petitioner is already able to take proper care and custody of the child, the court, after taking into consideration the best interests and the welfare of the child, shall render judgment restoring parental authority to the petitioner.

The decree shall state the name by which the child is thenceforth to be known. The Council shall assist parents, with behavioral problems whenever necessary, in securing expert guidance counseling from the proper governmental or private welfare agency. There shall be a permanent Secretariat for the Council headed by an Executive Director, to be appointed by the Chairman and approved by a majority of the members of the Council.

Any parent oc guardian found grossly negligent in the performance of the duty imposed by this article shall be admonished by the Department of Social Welfare or the Council for the Protection of Children. No license shall be granted unless the purpose of function of the child and youth welfare code of the philippines is clearly anc and stated in writing.

Healthy Growth of Children.

It shall distribute to parents available literature and other information on child guidance. The members of this group consist of those with I. It shall be the duty of the Council for the Protection of Children child and youth welfare code of the philippines the unit of the Department of Social Welfare to whom such a report is made to forward the same to the provincial or city fiscal. Existing as well as child and youth welfare code of the philippines programs weofare the above-named agencies as well as other government and private child and youth welfare agencies as may be hereafter created shall be implemented by such agencies: Subject to the provisions of Article 7, in any case in which information from such records, books and papers is needed, the person or agency requesting the release of the information may file a philoppines to the court which entered the decree of adoption for its release.

Violation of this provision shall subject the hospital, clinic, institution, or physician who fails to make such report to a fine of not more than two thousand pesos.

Provided, finally, That in the last case, should the adopted leave no property other than that received from the adopter, and he is survived by illegitimate issue or a spouse, such illegitimate issue collectively or the spouse shall receive one-fourth of such property; if the adopted is survived by illegitimate issue and a spouse, then the former collectively shall receive one-fourth and the latter also one-fourth, the rest in any case reverting to the adopter, observing in the case of the illegitimate issue the proportion provided for in Article of the Welfwre Code.

They wellfare guard against philippiness introduction welfar the home of pornographic and other unwholesome publications.

Financial and other essential social services shall child and youth welfare code of the philippines given by the National Government or other duly licensed agencies with similar functions to help such parent acquire the necessary knowledge or skill needed for the proper care and maintenance of the family.

Provided, That in the absence of any such center or agency within a reasonable distance from the venue of the trial, the provincial, city and municipal jail shall provide quarters for youthful offenders separate from other detainees. Whenever treatment for any physical or mental defect is indicated, steps shall be immediately undertaken to provide the same. The Board of Censors or the Radio Control Board may, upon representation of hte civic association, prohibit any movie, television or radio program offensive to the proprieties of language and behavior.