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Zamieszczam ponizej moja angielsko-jezyczna recenzje z angielskiego tlumaczenia, a tutaj jeden z moich ulubionych fragmentow oryginalnej wersji polskiej: Trivia About Snow White and Ru Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Further on in the story a character appears with the author’s name, which reminded me of Paul Auster, another big name.

There is much depth in the novel, and the writing is utterly magnificent.

Miesiac temu przeczytalem “Snow White and Russian Red” Doroty Maslowskiej – angielskie tlumaczenie powiesci “Wojna polsko-ruska pod flaga bialo-czerwona” i zachwycony jej wspaniala proza ocenilem ksiazke na cztery i trzy czwarte gwiazdki. An enlightening look at the difference between reality and illusion.

Wojna polsko-ruska pod flaga bialo-czerwona

Zasmiewalem sie nad prawie kazda stronica. For years my wife has been telling me poe this wijna born in Polish writer, Dorota Maslowska, and about her book “Snow White and Russian Red” the original Polish title sounds much better: Now that I have read the book in English translation, because someone has borrowed the Polish original from us and never bothered to return itI am totally blown away by it.

I bought this book because it was a recommended English translation for a Polish book from a Polish author. Maslowska ventriloquizes the hypermasculine protagonist “Nails” to unfold a nightmarish account of Anti-Russki day in a small town in Poland.

While it is obvious that at nineteen one can be a great mathematician, poet, chess player, and the like, it seems impossible to write a great novel at that age. The narration reads tight, just behind your sternum, right behind your eyes and in front of your brain. Jul 16, Mallory rated it did not like it Shelves: The presentation of drug addled slackers in Poland is interest This novel is compared to Trainspotting and Less than Zero on the sleeve and those are big claims.

As nationalism and xenophobia are blown out of proportion, tradition and interpersonal relationships become hopelessly fraught and doomed. How could she delve into that male brain and put it into words. In Poland pov are not so easy; it is hard to know who the bad people are. I wanted it to be over but couldn’t stop until the end.

It’s also translated from Polish, so a lot of the dialogue is hard to follow. The consciou This book made me want to do more drugs. We’re dead serious, we smoke cigarettes, taking drags in such a way that an echo resounds in the whole house, and we flick the ash into dorora empty watercolor box.

Supercool crazy disjointed story about Polish cokeheads. Want to Read saving…. The author was 19 when this, her first novel, was published. I was delighted, but then, I tend to like writing that is on the outer edges of what anyone could possibly conceive, our worst thoughts, but written with gorgeous, descriptive language that thrills me.

Basically – I absolutely loved this, the first book to make me laugh out loud on the train in a v So this has been called the Polish Trainspotting by other people I really don’t understand why some authors are trying so hard to put all the dialogue in indirect speech! The language is vulgar – don’t read it if you are sensitive about main characters who are really awful ‘people’ who think nasty things using crude words about other masoowska. But if you can, read it for its incredible language, its humor, its outrageousness.

This one was not for me, even though I do appreciate it. He’s both an awful person and sensitive.

I will soon read the original and amend this review, if need be, but I cannot believe the original Polish version could be any better. And I’m aware of the literary device called the unreliable narrator I once wrote an awful thesis about itbut here the context is as unreliable, which makes it very difficult to know what there is to believe really.

Wojna polsko-ruska pod flaga bialo-czerwona : Dorota Maslowska :

Przedszkole, gdzie dwiedzialem sie, ze wszystkim nam chodzi o pokoj na swiecie, o biale golebie z bristolu zlotych za blok, a potem raptem zlotych, mus tak zwanego lezakowania, siku w majtki, epidemia prochnicy, klub wiewiorki, brutalna fluoryzacja uzebienia. Nails and biao-czeerwon else in the novel are constantly on speed. Reality fragments itself, and it is impossible to figure out what on earth is going on.

Aug 27, Justine rated it it was amazing. Somehow I get the feeling that she eh as we say in Dutch “put a little too much hay on her fork”, i. Jahrhunderts angepasst, was das Lesen nicht ganz einfach macht, aber eine starke Poesie in sich birgt.

I doroha delighted, but then, I tend to like writing that is on the outer edges of what anyone could possibly conceive, our worst ppod, but written with gorgeous, descrip My jaw dropped a thousand times while reading this.

A tracksuited slacker who spends most of his time doing little more than searching for his next line of speed and dreaming up conspiracy theories about the Polish economy, Nails ricochets from Magda, a doomed beauty who bewitches men, to Angela, a proselytizing vegetarian Goth, to Natasha, a hellcat who biao-czerwn his house apart looking for speed, to Ala, the nerdy economics-student girlfriend of the friend who stole Magda.

Nov 02, Eva D. The entire ending is a literary tour de force; it is poetic, hypnotic, brilliant.

How did she do that? Also verlieren sie sich an die Tristesse und die Drogen. And to put it more bluntly, either you’re a person or you’re a prick. Largely controversial, mostly because of the language seen by many as vulgar, cynical and simple, the book was praised by many intellectuals biao-czwrwon innovative and fresh.