MT ( ) . construction of the Harley-Davidson on~off road military motorcycle and manual instructions carefully and use only genulne Harley-. I’ve just bought an MT and will be picking it up tomorrow, as I’ll be I have the Harley Davidson service manual, I will try and make it. An ideal starter package Consisting of User handbook Illustrated parts list Workshop manual All descriptions as per the individual.

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The rear gun-carrier box is said to be useful for nipping out for the Sunday Papers, which fit neatly in there. Clear it using the decompressor and try again. It should have a substantial rack fitted to the rear not the pannier frames – the rack itself.

Check when the cambelt was last changed – if in any doubt, replace. For what looks like a small single-disk, this gives some serious front-wheel-locking action! There are very few s in pristine condition. All other checks and tests are the same as for any bike. I have heard of flasher hrley failing regularly.

MT Workshop Manual – LMS Lichfield

Lovely line drawing exploded diagrams, clear explanations of procedures. MT owners can get all superior and smug at this point. Rear brakes should be gentle, with good feel, and need some pressure to lock the wheel. You can sometimes guess at a history. And the listing of what the numbers on that wiring diagram refer to.

The Armstrong MT500 & MT350

Yokel A moment ago. Don’t tell me you bought one????? LMS Ltd, Lichfield are big army surplus dealers. As long as take-up is smooth ‘They all do that, Sir’. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. A bike with low miles may have sat mmt350 a hanger all its life and never been used. Apollo 8 – 50th anniversary Latest: And in principle, a mix of bottom end and top end is possible. Or you mwnual fit a front end complete front-end, including stanchions and yokes.

Once started and warmed up, listen carefully.

Viewing a Prospective Purchase History is everything – and usually impossible to determine. Most of us kick it off the bike using our right leg. As a Green Lane bike, they are perfect.

The Armstrong MT & MT

I would not recommend the newcomer to these bikes to dive head first into buying at auction – especially when you realise that private prices are often less than auction prices. I dont suppose any of you hard working VM’s out there can get your hands on the above manual for a few beer tokens? Aroundthe military motorcycle production was sold to Harley-Davidson, and they were built by H-D.

A good Armstrong will be smooth, with a ‘pulsing’ engine vibration and well-balanced, predictable handling. You can mahual try milweb. If there is rust coming through from the inside – and any under-paint rust you can see is nt350 from inside – you will be replacing it soon.

Electrics mt30 simple, but components can be unreliable. They offer no weather protection, but do have a ‘Mercedes-worrying’ ability, and are obviously useful offroad. Thread starter newbee Start date 17 Jun Bile-Spewer 6 minutes ago.

Dual seat conversions are readily available and bolt straight on. If your battery needs topping up regularly, you are probably boiling it with over-charging from a dead regulator.

Here is a comparison of the two, showing where you need to modify the rack – cut just in front of the indicator mounts. This in itself is not a problem, but it prompts you to look much more closely elsewhere for cracked welds, twisted sections, bent forks, etc.

You only have to stall it once at the lights – frantically kick a couple times, realise you can’t, struggle to find neutral, get off, and slink to the side of the road going bright red under your helmet to kick it alive again – to know true embarrassment.

Withams-SV are principally an actioneer, but they will sell individual bikes direct to the public. You then take all the mabual you have, the MOT, your insurance certificate, and proof of your identity explained here to your Local Vehicle Registration Officewho will speak with DVLA’s computer, issue you with a registration number, and a tax disk for 12 months. How will the Ukraine war end? This article was written by Mike Forrester of Motorcycle.

Your local tester will do this using the harlej number as its identity.

They are quite competent off-road. It would be no surprise to see one with a bent frame. Starting from cold will take some trial and error before you find the right technique for your bike. If you buy one already converted, quiz harlye owner about which jets they used. Cars, Bikes ‘n AFVs. Use mineral oil, synthetic makes the clutch snatch. Buying privately is probably the best way into MT ownership.