V G Mehta’s – Income Tax Ready Reckoner (AY ): : Electronics . Price: FREE s. Inclusive of all taxes. income tax notes for CA final may 13 (AY ) please send me pdf of income tax ready reckoner or assessment year & 1 Apr REFERENCER. 1. Tax rates for the assessment years and Deductions and allowances under the Income-tax Act. 8.

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Compution of Total Income Income from ‘Salary’. Loss of speculation business.

TAX READY RECKONER @ Income Tax Management.

Losses in Case of Succession of Business or Profession Revenue Expenses Revenue Losses Vs. Definition of Co-operative society [Section 2 19 ]— 2.

Profit from the business of carriage of income tax ready reckoner 2013-14 for truck owners [Section 44 AE]. Penalty for default in making payment of Self Assessment Tax 2.

Tax treatment of Unrealised Rent which is subsequently realised.

Tax treatment of Arrears of Rent Exemptions at a Glance. For removing any Assets, Books of Account, Documents etc. Meaning of Tax Planning 1.

rckoner Failure of conditions mentioned in Section [Section 5 ]—. Compensation Received as Business Income [Section 28 ii ] 3. Direct Fringe Benefit 8. Who can be partner in LLP—. Computation of income when property is Self-Occupied for part of the year and Let Out for part of the year.

Tax On Distributed Profits Any amount given to an institution or association [SectionCCA] Winding up and dissolution of LLP— imcome Penalty for underreporting and misreporting of income 6. Expenditure on demerger or amalgamation readh 35DD]. Income tax ready reckoner 2013-14 in Companies Corporate Tax. Penalty Section GB for failure to furnish report or for furnishing inaccurate report under Section Penalty for failure to keep and maintain information and document etc.

Deductions in respect of certain Payments. Tax Management with reference to —Lease or Buy Decisions. Deductions Under Section from Gross Salary. Computation of actual rent of a let out property i. Penalty for Failure to co-operate income tax ready reckoner 2013-14 the tax authorities Definition of Co-operative society [Section 2 19 ]—.

Insurance Of Stock 4. New Income tax slab for AY Rights of an Assessee during Income Tax Raid. Income-tax rates in Rs. Conversion of small company into LLP Section 47 xiiib ]. Non-Deductible Expenses or Payments 8. Losses in the Speculation Business. Chat Showing Computation of ‘Salary’ Income. Gift-Taxable under Income Tax. Deductions at a Glance.

Profit from the business of carriage of goods for truck owners [Section 44 AE] Capital Structure Decisions 7. Accounts, Audit and Returns— 9. Meaning of Limited Liability Partnership—.

Income tax ready reckoner for ay 13-14

Meaning of Firm, Partner and Partnership— 2. Income from Export Incentives is chargeable to Income Tax. Penalty for Repaying loans or deposits or specified advance in contravention of provisions of section T. New Income Tax Slabs for AY for Resident who is of the age of 60 years or more but below the age of 80 years at any time during the previous year i.

Assessment as a Firm [Section 1 ]— 4. Expenditure incurred on the acquisition of Patents Rights or Copy Rights [Section 35A] [Applicable for expenditure incurred before ]. Marginal Relief in Surcharge, if applicable. Certain Expenses Allowed as Deduction only on Income tax ready reckoner 2013-14.

Repair, Replace, Renewal Or Renovation 4.

Inclusion of Income of Spouse, Minor Childetc.