Here is my review of the Block Periodization book for the Vladimir Issurin serves as a scientific and professional coordinator at. This second book on block periodization by Dr. Issurin further expands the understanding of not only block periodization, but also the general concept of training. The most important and fundamental principle of block periodization is the Issurin () points out that training cycles (he calls them training blocks or.

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This chapter is very interesting and informative since it discuss compatibility and sequencing of training modalities I have never seen in any other book, especially not explained in such clear and to-the-pont way.

There is a clear description of terms and ideas used by traditional theory, along with contradictions and consequences of such approach. Main characteristics of the three types of blocks-mesocycles modified from Issurin, Since the BPC assumes a high concentration of specialized workloads directed at minimum number of target abilities, this in turn determines the special demands of the appropriate microcycles, which should show mostly separate, not complex, distribution of workloads taking into account their reciprocal interactions and expected residuals.

Block periodization versus traditional training theory: a review.

No accumulation of fatigue Full recovery is not possible, fatigue accumulates Decrease in training load to ensure full recovery at the end of the cycle Training load Average. Further sport progress emphasized the limitations and drawbacks of traditional periodization with regard to the preparation of contemporary top-level athletes and their demands.

Therefore, the purpose of this book is to introduce Block Periodization of sport training as a general concept and as the basis for a revamped training system. Said this, the author presents guidelines for structuring microcycle: The most interesting parts of this chapter are the guidelines for constructing workout. Sports team management software Online team membership management, combined with coaching software Try it for free.

Unlike traditional periodization, which usually tries to develop many abilities simultaneously, the block concept suggests consecutive training stimulation of carefully selected fitness components. The site of Ultimate Athlete Concepts http: Since professor Issurin has lived in Israel and works as a researcher, professional consultant and coordinator for Israeli Olympic National teams since The training cycles of highly concentrated specialized periodiaation were coined “training blocks” by experts and practitioners; correspondingly, the alternative versions were termed “block periodized BP preparation systems” by their presenters.

Block Periodization – Sportlyzer Academy

Long-term preparation In chapter 4 there are discussions regarding annual plan, quadrennial cycle, sport longevity and long-term preparation of young athletes. The chapter proceeds on a discussion regarding general principles of AT and the definition of three main goals of AT: Discipline specific if possible Tests for sport-specific abilities Tests for speed, event strategy, …….

No accumulation of fatigue Full recovery is not possible, fatigue accumulates Decrease in training load to ensure full recovery at the end of the cycle Training load Average High volume, reduced intensity.

Furthermore, the descriptions of approaches to planning of the training phases and annual training is being discussed, taking into account phases of the acclimatization and re-acclimatization, along with three main goals of AT taken into account.

Block periodization versus traditional training theory: a review.

The concept of key workout periodizatiob also discussed and explained, along with workout structure warm-up, main part, cool-down and the concept of key exercise or key task. Every chapter has a summary of the main topics discussed and references used in it. Your email address will not be published.

Both versions differ in their methodological background, duration and content of training blocks, possibilities of providing multi-peak performances, and applicability to various sports.

For example, if the training cycle was targeted to development of maximal power, the testing batery should include maximal power testing. Particulars regarding quadrennial planning were given for preparing highly qualified athletes. Modeled performance Speed Tactics Mental preparation.

Traditional training periodization, i. Some interesting concepts worth mentioning here are the effect of taper realization mesocycle on emotional tension and anxiety of the athletes, nutritional advices during the taper, the effect of competition and emotional strain in the training stage on training residuals of preceding cycles and the method of prolongation of training residuals by inclusion of special compact mini-blocks.

The basis of contemporary training theory were founded a few decades ago when knowledge was far from complete and workload levels, athletic results and demands were much lower than now. Modeled performance Speed Tactics Mental preparation Recovery Periods of recovery needed for adaptation. There is also very interesting and clear load related classification to developmental, retentional and restorational load.

What does this product claim? If you are currently not a member, then I would like to invite you to become one. Strength endurance Power Special endurance Anaerobic threshold …… Tapering: J Sports Med Phys Fit At that time the traditional training periodization, as a division of the whole seasonal program into smaller periods and training units, was proposed and elucidated.

The most important and fundamental principle of block periodization is the concentration of the training workloads. Paper is high quality and the font is large 12pts with large line spacing, which allows for easier reading. Issurin This second book on block periodization by Dr.