Mnemonica: On The Memorized Deck [Juan Tamariz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A celebrity of television and stage in Spain and. I’ve recently started giving thought to obtaining the book “Mnemonica” by Juan Tamariz. It’s not a cheap book, so I want to make sure it’s really. Find great deals for Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz – Book. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Talking about built-in effects doesn’t really mean anything. I’ve never heard anyone ‘put down’ BCS because it’s not a memorized deck although I have heard and said myself that I prefer a memdeck because I can do anything BCS does plus many more options.

Why don’t I experiment and try to build my own stack mnrmonica scratch? About what percentage of the tricks in the book are useful to me if I use my own non-Mnemonica stack? Whether you’re new to memorized deck work, or whether you already know a memorized stack, we think you’ll enjoy Tamariz’s great work.

Learn it to fool laypeople and secretly smash fellow magicians. This makes a colossal finish, or allows you to get into the stack when you open a fresh pack. There is tamarizz to open with, close with, have fun with, amaze with That still leaves my second question, which is: The advantage of Mnemonica stack is that you can get into it and out of it with new deck order.

It will take some time to get it, but if you put effort in it, it will be worth your time. I mnemoniac you’re just tilting at windmills then.

No minimum to get free shipping on this item. Apr 15, Messages: Typically takes 2 – 3 days. So I tried it, and I liked the results — partly because it follows my own thinking patterns, and partly because it’s my own invention making me very partial to it.

Mnemonicq can do utterly Amazing things with this stack in your mind.

Mnemonica ($) – Juan Tamariz – Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

If you are a self working trick magician ,stay away. Do you want to respond to this review? No, create an account now. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

His books mnemlnica important foundational resources for magic to savor. Which stack should you learn?

Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz – Book

He is creative and extremely clever. It was for me in a big way.

I have been following this discussion with fascination, as I love the BCS but am contemplating taking the plunge and memorizing Aronson right now just find mnemonic books, most of which I have, much more user-friendly than Tamariz’s less specific directions.

Both have features that a lengthy, close examination by a knowledgeable person could uncover. I saw Tamariz live at an all-night lecture in Paris, and he blew everyone away.

I made up my own. This was the first magic book that I ever bought years ago. I wanted something powerful mnemomica be able to fool magicians and what I got was the best resource of magical knowledge to ever exist yes, it’s that good.

However, I don’t mind the occasional DL, glide, or Ascanio spread. He is the author of three critically acclaimed best-selling books in English: Mnwmonica Cut to Orde. Incidentally, you might have heard some people say that any memorized stack can do anything a mathematical stack such as BCS, Si Stebbins, or Eight Kings can do.

You can get into it from new deck order, and it allows you to do some amazing things, like dealing any poker hand named. Books View the range. Just get the book knemonica be prepared to work hard. Nov 7, Messages: I flipped through Mnemonica and got a little too boggled too soon. There’s not very many people using memorized stacks that are “arbitrary”. I have Hamariz first impression book and the Juan tamariz book.

Before I started getting serious about memorizing I have pulled off a few bafflers with what I think to be mnemonic most deceptive mathematical stack around. Apr 11, The effects mnemonics will do after that look like real magic. The Aronson deck was designed from the ground up and includes many built-in effects Poker deals, bridge deals, etc.

Accessories View the range. I haven’t created any yet, but in time, I might.

Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz – Book

Accompanying this information are more than a hundred tricks and routines that radically expand the range of effects commonly thought possible with a memorized tajariz, and an annotated bibliography that leads the reader to an amazing body of additional material on the memorized deck, making Mnemonica the most complete study of its subject ever done.

But really neither is ‘better’- either may be better for a particular person or particular circumstances. It is a book crammed with magic from the working repertoire of Juan Tamariz, magic that leaves everyone, public and magicians, utterly astounded.

Then I might as well be creating my own stack.