Bolivia, Plurinational State of – – International agreement de 2 de agosto de , ley general de higiene, seguridad ocupacional y bienestar. Adoption. Altifibers S.A. is located in El Alto, La Paz, Bolivia; the company, . and welfare act (Decreto Ley No. ). Noise levels in areas adjacent to. eddy · El Sistema de Salud Boliviano. Uploaded by. eddy · Alerta de Seguridad. Uploaded by. eddy · Decreto Ley N Uploaded by. eddy

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Determines principles of application of police powers, rights and duties of personnel, education and vocational training, employment, advancement bolovia ranks, 19698 conditions, responsibilities. Federal Labour Act Art. NOMSSA establishing the maximum permissible biological exposure limits for organic solvents in occupationally exposed personnel, as amended up to the Official Mexican Standard No.

Determines conditions and procedures for obtaining and termination of citizenship. Act of 18 May to amend and supplement the Penal Code. The company shall provide its operators with hearing protection against occupational noise. Pravilnik o zdravstvenom nadzoru lica profesionalno izlozenih jonizirajucem zracenju – Adoption: Funds from the General Treasury and municipal funds. Please contact us if you have updated information.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Pregnant women shall be prohibited from carrying heavy loads. Voluntary subscription is possible for workers in family industries, independent workers, professionals, craft workers and other non-salaried workers, domestic workers, small business owners, employers, and persons who work in the public administration service, federal bodies or local authorities who are excluded from or not covered by other laws.

One hundred per cent of salary for the normal duration of maternity leave 12 weeks and during leave extended, due to birth occurring later than expected. Female working day shall not exceed 40 weekly hours.

Altifibers S.A. | Inter-American Investment Corporation

Parental leave benefits No statutory entitlement to parental leave benefits identified. Regulates waters used for fishing, commercial and sport fishing, protection of fish stocks, bolivja, supervision.

ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations. The wash water and the dye process water both comply with AISA treatment system standards and pose no problem for the wastewater purification process oxidation ponds used by the city of El Alto. If the work place involves efforts that affect their health, Pregnant worker deserve special treatment that allows them to develop their activities in appropriate conditions, without affecting their salary level and status in the workplace.

Nevertheless, as the plant increases its installed capacity and diversifies its operations, Altifibers will review different options for decreasing pollution from its liquid discharges. Regulates allowed level of noise, protection measures, ways of measuring and register, protection of persons and environment.

Zakon o izmjenama i dopunama zakona o prekrstajima – Adoption: It is forbidden to hire: Decreto supremo de 26 de mayo de Bosnia and Herzegovina – – Law, Act Act of 4 April on professional rehabilitation and employment of disabled persons. No statutory entitlement to paternity leave benefits identified. bopivia

Minors under 14 years boliviz. Decree supreme of May 17 of Decree supreme of March 18 of Decree Law of December 24 of Zakon o radu Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine – Adoption: The right to equal treatment extends to the following employment related matters: Ministry of Labour http: Contains definitions of offences, sanctions, legal procedures, minors, register.

Act of May 1st elevating to Law rank: Not expressly provided for pregnancy.

Female working day shall not exceed 40 weekly hours. Where the worker does not meet the requirements for receiving social security benefits, the boliiva shall be obliged to fund the payments.

Altifibers S.A.

Act of 17 September to amend and supplement the Act on professional rehabilitation and employment of disabled persons. Minors under 18 years old in work beyond their strength.

Duration The maternity leave entitlement is to a period of 84 consecutive days. No statutory entitlement to parental leave identified. No entitlements to pre- or post-natal medical benefits identified under either the Employment Relations Promulgation or national social security laws. Determines rights, conditions and procedures of professional rehabilitation and employment, founding of institutions in charge, their organization and competencies.

Funds from the General Treasury and municipal funds. Please contact us if you have updated information.

The plant has two boilers that run on natural gas, which the manufacturing industry regards as a clean fuel because of its low toxic combustion gas emissions. Act of 21 December on protection against noise. Not expressly mentioned in the General Labour Act. For inquiries and comments to IIC, contact: Decree Supreme No that creates an incentive- bonus mother-child for a safe motherhood.