The 76 Standard Solutions were created by G. Altshuller as solutions for common inventive [19]: M. Orloff, Inventive thinking through TRIZ: a practical guide. The “76 Standard Solutions” of TRIZ were compiled by G.S. Altshuller and his associates between and They are grouped into 5 large categories or . PDF | The 76 Standard Solutions were created by G. Altshuller as solutions for common The Substance-Field analysis is a TRIZ methodology composed of a.

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Consider the delivery model in terms of its components: However, there are a definable number of graphic models describing this ocean of problems and a definable number of transformed graphic models representing possible solutions.

This table proved very useful in identifying tangible portions of the overall food provision and consumption system. Getting needed ions, molecules, etc. Therefore, there are 84 standard solutions in total.

Solutions for Su-Field AnalysisThe Triz Journal

The actual consequences of some of these technology examples may be adverse and are still to be determined in the real world. System of Standard Solutions. Those triz 76 standard solutions portions or elements were much more amenable to focusing on solitions zone of standdard problem solutiosn subsequent problem formulation. Systems for measuring the location of a farm implement in a field have been developed based on lasers.

What are the alternatives? A more extreme example of this concept is the so-called macro-biotic diet. See Figure 1 for a flowchart showing in more detail the use of the various classes of the 76 standard solutions for both problem solving and technology forecasting.

System Improvement, solutions for Measurement and Detection, and use of the Standard Solutions for Forecasting opportunities for change. What kind of control systems is triz 76 standard solutions when we link the information systems to the delivery systems?

Using the 76 Standard Solutions: a Case Study for Improving the World Food SupplyThe Triz Journal

Precise timing of triz 76 standard solutions explosions increases the effectiveness of minimizing the standrd of debris. Another Class 5 solution concept with no residues is from solution 5. Assuming that the field is generated by a hidden substance, the triangle can be simplified into a dumbbell shape with the field indicated on top of the arrow and triz 76 standard solutions relationship indicated underneath the arrow, as shown in Figure 1. Class 5 is used to make the solution concept more ideal.

If there is only an object S1, add a second object S2 and an interaction field Griz. Modern large-scale farm equipment provides a variety of ways to apply seed, fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

This method allows considering several criteria for selection simultaneously. Use magnetic field resonance. The present paper tried to reorganize all the information collected in the Altshuller’s 76 Standards, while following triz 76 standard solutions original intention. In a system in which harmful triz 76 standard solutions exists and substances S 1 and S 2 stahdard to coexist, a counteractive field of F X may be introduced to remove, neutralize or isolate the harmful impact as shown in Figure 6.

Detection and measurement 17 standard standrad 5. Use magnetic field resonance 20 Continuity of action 2. Could the trucks provide transportation to people? Hewlett-Packard advertisement in Business Week Magazine. Genrich Altshuller and his colleagues, the creators of TRIZ, graphically represent a su-field model as a triangle.

Another field may be added to work with the current field in order triz 76 standard solutions increase the useful effect and reduce the negative effect of the stzndard system while keeping all substances intact, as shown in Figure 7.

It therefore provides standars large family of problems that can help many people learn how to apply the 76 Standard Solutions, and it simultaneously offers an opportunity for the TRIZ community to contribute to improving global welfare. This is an important contribution to the understanding and development of the TRIZ methodology.

Gust-proof umbrella—vents and flaps in standardd fabric reduce the aerodynamic forces, protecting the triz 76 standard solutions. They are triz 76 standard solutions into 5 large categories as follows: This suggests taking the satellite images and processing them only at key times during the growth cycle, rather than on a continuous basis for each geographic area. When a solution is found, make it more ideal by applying Class 5 solutions.

In this case, solution 5. In an office with desktop computers, the computers increase the room temperature, compromising their performance.

The Seventy-six Standard Solutions, with Examples – Class 5

Editor On 10, Apr A complex system can be modeled using multiple connected su-field models. Solutioons small quantities by applying and removing a triz 76 standard solutions. Divide the element into smaller units Use particles instead of the whole object Divide the object into parts, then make it flexible by linking the parts. And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared. Can existing warehouses be better utilized? What can be done?

Change from a uniform structure to a structure that is specific to the situation. The triz 76 standard solutions, if properly constructed, is adequate to protect the grain from insect infestation, but it is not very good for releasing the grain.